DDRx Analysis

GHz Systems Inc. is proud to utilize Mentors HyperLynx for complete and effective DDRx Analysis. When you partner with us for your testing needs, we’ll customize our analysis for your specific design and speeds.

We perform worst case scenario DDRx analysis per JEDEC Specifications for all DDRx types and speeds. If your application has custom features, we will work with you to analyze your designs for the speeds and features that your design is specified for. Our analysis reports will include all corners analysis for Fast, Typical and Slow parts.

At GHz Systems, we want your equipment to be as efficient and reliable as your service to your customers, so we don’t follow a “cookie cutter” approach with DDRx analysis. We know your equipment and products are unique — and they deserve specialized testing and care to ensure you get the most out of every design.

If you have any questions about our company or if you would like to discuss your DDRx analysis needs with an expert, please Contact Us today via the web form below.